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"Why isn't my life like a situation comedy? Why don't I have a bunch of friends with nothing better to do but drop by and instigate wacky adventures? Why aren't my conversations peppered with spontaneous witticisms? Why don't my friends demonstrate heartfelt concern for my well being when I have problems? ...I gotta get my life some writers." calvin (calvin & hobbes)

Monday, February 12, 2007


I’m just really confused right now. It’s like feeling incomplete. The feeling of not knowing what to do or where to go and when to start and I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way but, how can you avoid it when your heart is a mess and your mind is in limbo? Even though my family is always there for me and they care a lot about me and wanted the best for me. I can still feel the pressure coming from that caring feeling. (Too much of anything can be devastating.)
Sometimes I wish I have an answer for everything. Most of the times I wish I was someone else. Leaving in someone else’s life but then again, that’s not me, that’s simply something stupid and out of the ordinary. (Or possibly everybody wants something more than what they have in life.) I wish I know what to do in every freaking situation that I am in, that I’ll be in and that I might be in. I never expected my life to be this complicated and clueless in some ways. So much with planning and over thinking…
Though I know that action speaks louder than words (a cliché for most people I know) I still believe that there’s still hope, that there’s still a chance for me to change my life. Must ACT now. One of my good friends back in college told me, “Choose your future now, before your future chooses you.”


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